Don’t buy self-tanner until you read this

Self-tanner is a great way to get a gorgeous glow without the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. But how much do you really know about self-tanner... Don’t buy self-tanner until you read this

Self-tanner is a great way to get a gorgeous glow without the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. But how much do you really know about self-tanner? It may not seem like it at first, but there’s a lot to consider before you buy self-tanner, especially since it’s a product that will be absorbed into your skin. You want to make sure that the product you choose is safe to use, in addition to being effective. Don’t buy self-tanner until you read this.


What will the color look like?

Before you buy self tanner, it’s important to consider the shade of tan it’s going to provide. Low-quality self-tanners are infamous for turning the user an unappealing shade of orange. Before making a purchase, read the reviews and look for pictures of people who have actually used the product to see what the color will look like. At CLEANTAN, we have these images right on our website so you can get an idea of what to expect.

CLEANTAN is made with plant-based pigments that give you a natural-looking tan, not a fake orange stain. Premium natural colorants from cocoa powder, beetroot, caramel, blue-green algae, and Ecocert DHA – a natural beet sugar – combine to give you a golden hue, while squalane – an olive oil derivative – helps keep your skin moisturized. CLEANTAN also offers buildable color, so you can use more or less product to achieve a darker or lighter tan.

What is DHA?

Speaking of color, the main ingredient in self-tanners is often dihydroxyacetone or DHA. It’s a form of sugar that reacts with the protein keratin on your skin’s surface to produce pigments, which temporarily causes the appearance of a tan.[i] The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved DHA for use in externally applied cosmetics, including sunless tanners.[ii]

CLEANTAN uses Ecocert DHA, a natural beet sugar that acts as a plant-based tanning agent and is a cosmeceutical grade. This, combined with our other natural colorants, is what gives you a gorgeous, natural-looking tan.

What will the self-tanner smell like?

Self-tanners are also notorious for having a harsh odor. Before you buy self-tanner, pay attention to what it’s designed to smell like. Some companies try to mask the harsh scent of their self-tanners with synthetic fragrances and perfumes, but this can irritate sensitive skin and do not always completely hide the self-tanner smell.

CLEANTAN features TEATAN Complex as the base of the formula. It’s made with green, black, white, rooibos, and matcha green tea, plus Gotu kola (an herb and antioxidant), erythrulose (a natural raspberry sugar), and cardamom seed oil. This mixture provides a temporary scent of chai tea that quickly fades after application. CLEANTAN neutralizes all offensive tanning odors to give you a more enjoyable sunless tanning experience. 

Is self-tanner safe?

Using a self-tanner is considered to be safer than lying out in the sun or using a tanning bed. That’s because sunbathing and tanning beds expose your skin to UV rays, which can cause a variety of damage. For example, tanning damages your skin cells, causes signs of premature aging like wrinkles, weathered skin, and dark spots, and causes skin cancer.[iii]

While self-tanners don’t have those same risks, there are still things to consider when making a purchase to help you choose the best sunless tanner. Most self-tanners contain synthetic dyes known as FD&C colors, which are derived from coal tar, as well as parabens and penetration enhancers. When buying self-tanner, look for a product that does not have these. Most sunless tanners also contain synthetic fragrances or perfumes, which can irritate sensitive skin, so it’s helpful to avoid these as well.

CLEANTAN is vegan, non-toxic, and free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and penetration enhancers, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your self-tanner. Our TEATAN complex is made with rich teas and provides antioxidants to protect your skin throughout the day for a youthful appearance.

How easy is it to use self-tanner?

When it comes to buying the best self-tanner, it’s also important to consider which type of self-tanner is best for you. Self-tanner is available in a variety of forms, including concentrate drops, lotions, sprays, towelettes, mousse, and gel.

Self-tanning drops like CLEANTAN are used by adding a few drops of product to your favorite lotion, cream, or serum, then applying the mixture evenly over your skin until it’s absorbed.

The self-tanning lotion is a lotion that already has the tanning agent mixed in, and is used by applying the product in an even layer over your skin until it’s absorbed. Self-tanning mousse and gel are used the same way.

Self-tanning towelettes are towelettes that contain self-tanner and are used by wiping the towelette over your skin.

CLEANTAN is an antioxidant-rich self-tanner concentrate that gives you a deep golden tan with the help of a plant-based formula. Simply mix a few drops with almost any lotion, cream, or serum and apply evenly to your skin for a gorgeous, streak-free tan. You can customize the color by adding more drops for a darker tan or fewer drops for a lighter tan.

No matter which self-tanner you choose, a key to achieving a gorgeous tan is to exfoliate before using the product. This sloughs away dead skin cells to provide a smooth surface for your self-tanner, resulting in a more even tan. Check out the Infinity Body Polisher, our favorite pre-tan exfoliating cloth that preps your skin for a stunning tan.   

There’s a lot to consider before you buy a self-tanner. Understanding how the different forms of self-tanner work and paying attention to the ingredients can help you choose the best tanning products for you. CLEANTAN was created by skin care professionals to give you a unique and effective non-toxic, dye-free sunless tanner that you can use at home. It’s great for all skin types and tones and features a plant-based formula for natural-looking color. Click here to learn more and buy CLEANTAN today.





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