Get the Glow: How to Use Sunless Tanner for a Gradual Tan

No more streaks or orange sheets. Achieve your best bronze with a foolproof sunless tanner for a gradual tan that will leave you glowing... Get the Glow: How to Use Sunless Tanner for a Gradual Tan

They’re the magical words that fill your heart with joy.

The words that make your chest swell with pride.

The words that are music to your ears, any time of year.

“...Did you just get back from vacation? You look so tan.”

Oh, the validation!

And it’s true – what says confidence booster like rocking a swimsuit, short-shorts, or sundress like you spend your days lounging seductively in the French Polynesian sun?

But when it comes to getting that coveted, head to toe golden glow, you don’t need to spend hours toasting your buns in the sun, or shell out your hard earned cash on harmful tanning beds or neon-orange spray tans that aren’t fooling anyone.

A gradual tan using a sunless tanner is the best way to achieve an even, natural-looking tan that will leave you believably bronzed rather than cartoonishly orange.

So, say goodbye to streaks and orange sheets. Your self-tanning game is about to go foolproof.

The benefits of using a sunless tanner for a gradual tan

Who said you can’t have a tan with benefits?

As much as we all dream of having beautiful bronze skin, we know that getting our tan on tends to come with its repercussions.

Like sunburns. Like wrinkled, leathery skin.

Like cancer.

We know you know how harmful neglecting to protect your skin can be, so we’re not here to lecture you about the importance of applying SPF on the reg.

But we bet you didn’t know that by using an antioxidant-rich sunless tanner, you’re giving your skin everything it needs to look great, feel great, and stay great with its formula of anti-agers, anti-stress, anti-smoke, and anti-pollution antidotes on top of giving you a golden glow.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Using a sunless product that deepens your tan over time (usually between 8 hours to a few days) means that you can customize the tone of your tan to get the bronze you want every time.

Woman tanning on beach


Know before you glow: pro tips for achieving a flawless gradual tan

While a good sunless tanner will do most of the work when helping you achieve a gradual tan, there are a couple of things you can do ensure you get your best bronze each and every time.

Make sure you get your waxing, shaving, facials, and manicures out of the way the day before you apply any sunless tanner to avoid needing to start from scratch.

But it comes to getting an even tan, exfoliation is the name of the game.

Soughing away dead skin cells at least eight to 24 hours prior to applying your favorite self-tanner creates an even canvas and eliminates the need for deeper penetration.

How to achieve a foolproof gradual tan with CLEANTAN

Now that your skin is buffed and beautiful, it’s time to get tanning.

For a foolproof gradual glow, we use CLEANTAN to achieve an effortless, even tan.

If you’re testing the waters, first start with one part CLEANTAN sunless tanning concentrate to three parts of your favorite lotion or moisturizer, then apply evenly to your skin. For increasingly deeper golden tones, you can use one part CLEANTAN to one or two parts moisturizer.

Your tan will develop gradually overnight (within six to eight hours) and will continue to deepen over the next 24 hours. Continue with the same ratios over the course of a few days to achieve your desired tone.

Once your skin is glowing and ready for its close-up, the work doesn’t stop there.

Keeping your skin hydrated with a quality, nourishing moisturizer will keep help to keep a longer, gorgeously golden, even tan that will turn heads wherever you strut your stuff.

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