Self-Tanning Drops 101

Self-Tanning Drops 101

Self-Tanning Drops 101

Here we are in February. A month well known for being cold, dark, and dreary. Unless you live in Australia, that is! Most people around the world, however, are feeling and seeing the effects that the lack of sunlight has on their bodies – the biggest one being pale skin! We’re here to tell you everything you need to know about self-tanning drops so you can keep your summertime glow all year round. And if you live in Australia right now, your skin can benefit from skipping out absorbing those harmful UV rays! Hooray!

What Makes Self-Tanning Drops AMAZING?
There are so many things that make self-tanning drops amazing! We’re willing to risk a bet that once you use self-tanning drops, you’ll kiss all of those other tanning methods goodbye.

  • No UV rays - Radiation from UV rays is known to cause different types of cancers, advanced signs of aging, dehydration, and burns. Yikes!
  • Customizable – Choose your shade! Make it darker with more tanning drops, and lighter with fewer drops.
  • Hydrating - Self-tanning drops are added right to your favorite moisturizer so you are ADDING moisture to you skin every time you tan instead of drying it out!
  • No more orange skin – So many self-tanning products on the market make the skin appear to be a bit orange rather than tan. Self-tanning drops are specially formulated to create the perfect golden glow.

How to Choose the Best Self-Tanning Drops

There are so many products out there that claim to be the best self-tanner that you’ll ever try. However, they’re all so different so it’s hard to really trust that. The “best” self-tanner for one person may very well be the worst for another! Every body is unique and we believe that everyone should have the best self-tanner that works with their specific skin tone.

When you’re shopping around for the best self-tanner, here are some things that you should look for:

  • Versatility – How many shades can you get out of your self-tanner? You want to make sure that the product will be able to give you the exact look you’re going for.
  • Ingredients – Check out that ingredients list. If you are unfamiliar with most or all of the ingredients, your self-tanner might be packed with chemicals that aren’t good for your health.
  • Effectiveness – Before you buy a self-tanner, do a quick search for reviews with pictures. You don’t want to purchase a product that is going to turn your skin orange or give you an uneven tan.

CLEANTAN Self-Tanning Drops

We have developed a unique formula that puts to shame the other self-tanners that claim to be the best! CLEANTAN is the darkest and most concentrated formula on the market. It can be used with absolutely any skin tone and will create a deep, natural-looking tan!

CLEANTAN self-tanning drops are also made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients that are packed with antioxidants. Not only will your tanned skin look and feel beautiful, but CLEANTAN will help protect it from free radicals that try to cause damage. Get healthy and glowing skin from the inside out with CLEANTAN self-tanning drops!

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