Below are best practices and a must read for those new to sunless tanning. We always recommend starting slow as CLEANTAN is an extremely powerful self-tanner. Also, as a totally customizable product, there are endless ways to use and apply so get creative and learn what works best for you!
  1. Exfoliate.Exfoliate.Exfoliate. Self-tanner sinks in and over-develops on dry skin, leaving dark patches that look entirely unnatural. Slough away any flaky skin on your entire body with our INFINITY BODY POLISHER, or similar product. Proper exfoliation is THE FOUNDATION to an even, long lasting tan!
  2. Apply LOTION only to hands, wrists, feet, ankles, elbows and knees. Be sure the cuticles on hands and feet have a generous barrier of lotion. Although not mandatory, this extra step will decrease any chance of over-development in those vulnerable areas.
  3. Mix your desired ratio of CLEANTAN ® to your lotion, moisturizer, body/face oil, or serum (see chart below for ratio information), and apply to one body part at a time, starting from the bottom and working up. Begin at your ankles and work your way up to your shoulders to prevent any weird marks when you bend over. NOTE: You may mix in hand, small bowl, or even apply CLEANTAN by itself directly OVER freshly moisturized skin (FAN FAVORITE TECHNIQUE!). Do NOT do the layering method if you want a gradual or light tan!).
  4. ALWAYS DO YOUR HANDS AND FEET LAST! Feather lightly over hands, wrists, feet, and ankles using a dry cloth, cosmetic powder brush, or mitt. Start at center point and work out.
  5. Go Easy on Face. Start at T-zone and work your way out, feathering lightly around hairline and jawline. This will be particularly important for those with light colored hair.
  6. Wash palms of hands thoroughly after application! Pay close attention to cuticles (although these areas may appear tanner free, CLEANTAN ® can continue to develop for up to 72 hours, even after showering). You may also choose to wash hands between each body segment, especially if you are going for a super dark application (a 1:1 ratio or the layering method). Some people prefer to use a mitt.
  7. Get dressed! CLEANTAN ® is very similar to a facial or body serum, so there should be no ‘drying time’ needed once it has been absorbed by the skin. Of course, this will be dependent upon what type of hydrator/moisturizer you choose to mix with CLEANTAN ®. Please use your best judgement. TIP: Brush on talc free powder to ‘set’ tan. This will help if you sweat or live in a humid climate.
  8. Don’t shower, swim, or work out for at least 8 hours! Please note your tan will continue to develop for up to 72 hours even after showering.
  9. Preserve it! Amazingly, CLEANTAN ® will last longer than even the best spray tan, but certain measures can be taken to ensure an even longer lasting tan. Wash with a gentle cleanser and make sure your skin is always moisturized. Avoid using retinols, AHA/BHA Acids, and acne treatments, which can dissolve color on your face. When you're ready to refresh your skin, exfoliate and begin the cycle again. TIP: choose to add just a few drops of CLEANTAN ® daily to keep it going forever!

cleantan tanning concentrate mixing ratios