What Makes Black Tea Tanning Drops Different From Other Self-Tanners?

What Makes Black Tea Tanning Drops Different From Other Self-Tanners?

Black tea tanning drops are an innovative way to solve many of the problems that traditional tanning methods pose. They are free of harsh chemicals, eliminate the need for harmful UV rays, and help keep the environment clean. Here at CLEANTAN, we believe that the beauty industry should provide consumers with products that make people look amazing while keeping them healthy – and that’s exactly what we’re offering with our black tea tanning drops.


Black tea tanning drops work with your favorite products

When you purchase traditional self-tanning products, there are most likely tons of unfamiliar ingredients listed on the bottle. Black tea tanning drops are made with all-natural, plant-based ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body.


Black tea tanning drops are ultra-concentrated, and they are meant to be mixed in with your favorite moisturizer, so you hardly have to change up your beauty routine at all! Just add a few drops into your moisturizing lotion bottle, or mix them together in your palm, and you’re ready to glow.


Customize your tan

If you’ve been using a traditional self-tanner, and you decide that you want a darker or lighter result, you will have to go purchase another product. With black tea tanning drops, all you have to do is add more or fewer drops to your moisturizer to receive the perfect shade for you!


Don’t compromise your health

Black tea tanning drops are made with all-natural ingredients including green, black, white, rooibos, and matcha green teas, along with gotu kola (an antioxidant and collagen booster), erythrulose (natural raspberry sugar), and cardamom seed oil! The formula was specifically created to be packed with antioxidants to improve your skin’s health and appearance with every use.


You also gain the benefit of all over hydration when you use black tea tanning drops. Tanning beds and sun rays suck the moisture out of your skin which can lead to advanced signs of aging, dry and itchy skin, and an uneven tan. Black tea tanning drops are added right to your favorite moisturizer, so you know that your skin is well taken care of.


Sustainable beauty practices

The beauty industry turns out to be not so beautiful for the environment. Many products are made with harmful ingredients that are first tested on animals before they are approved for human use. The demand for cruelty-free beauty products has been rising and black tea tanning drops fit the bill as they are naturally plant-based and 100% cruelty-free. The formula is also highly concentrated, so one bottle of black tea tanning drops will last longer than a bottle of traditional self-tanner and fewer bottles end up in the trash.


If you’re ready to save your skin and the environment from harmful products, and look amazing doing it, it’s time to try out CLEANTAN’s Black Tea Tanning Drops! To learn more about our innovative product, check out our website, Instagram, or contact us.


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